The Ancient Caribou

Animated intro sequence for caribou conservation documentary.

The Ancient Caribou Sequence

We were tasked to create an animated sequence for a wild life conservation documentary. This particular sequence is part of the intro and tells the story about the ancient relationship between caribou and man in the region of Yukon. This is a preview of the work we put into the project, we hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: We don´t own the music on this clip, it´s use in solely with the purpose of previewing the animation but it does not belong to the final sequence.


  • Produce by Animagic
  • Client: Caribou Conservation Program
  • Creative Director - David Calderon
  • Producer - Ivan Aguilar
  • Art Direction - Alfredo Barajas
  • Animation - Jordi Ayguasenosa
  • Mograph & Compositing - Ignacio Osorio
  • Music: Lily Allen, Somewhere only we know