The Gold Seekers

Animated sequence for documentary

The Gold Seekers

We were tasked to create an animated sequence for a wild life conservation documentary. This particular sequence tells the story about the gold rush in the Yukon region in the late 1800´s. The documentary is yet to be release and this is a preview of some of the work we put into the project.

Disclaimer: we don´t own the music on this clip, it´s use in solely with the purpose of previewing the animation but it does not belong to the final sequence.


  • Produced by Animagic
  • Client: Caribou Conservation Program
  • Creative Director - David Calderon
  • Producer - Ivan Aguilar
  • Art Direction - Alfredo Barajas
  • Animation - Jordi Ayguasenosa
  • Mograph & Compositing - Ignacio Osorio
  • Music - Lily Allen, Somewhere only we know